Almond Joy French Toast

This breakfast is for my darling mother. Almond joys are one of my mothers favorite candies. When we were little she was lucky that none of us liked coconut. She could always count on there being almond joys left over on Halloween and none of us getting into her stash as long as there was coconut. […]

Strawberries and Cream French Toast

How many times have you searched for a french toast recipe and it turns out just okay? Then you have french toast at your favorite breakfast diner and you can’t figure out how to get that same flavor, texture and lusciousness back home. I know the secret. Come in close…. it is the bread. You […]

Pita Pizzas

Making pizzas is a very special night in our home. It is special for a few reasons. The first being that my first date with my now husband included making pizza and has become a beautiful tradition. I guess you could say that we fell in love while attempting to toss the pizza dough. The […]