Pita Party

There is nothing quiet like fresh, soft and chewy pita bread. Around our house fresh pita disappears as fast as fresh baked cookies. I love pita bread because it always tastes like a treat. Lately I have been trying to figure out new fun things to serve during get togethers and I have come up […]

Low Carb Stuffing

Low Carb Stuffing   I love my family very much. We have always been a pretty health conscience and active family and when we get together we try to continue the tradition of healthy eating and active living. So for Thanksgiving this year I was searching for holiday recipes that lean towards the healthy side. The Thanksgiving […]

Carb Curber

Bread is one of life’s greatest delicacies. Unfortunately, bread has gotten a bad rap lately. It’s time to enjoy bread again! If you are looking for a nutritious, soft, flavorful, low carb and low calorie bread, The Carb Curber should be your new choice! Nutritional Facts: Calories:  50 Fat:  1g Total Carbohydrates:  7g Fiber:  3g […]