Rye Bread

Rye Bread


As a young girl I loved the flavor of rye bread, however the crust was always to tough for my liking. Instead, I would eat the inside bread and leave the crust intact. With the remaining crust I used it as the outline of a face and would make bread people by gluing crust to paper and drawing two eyes, a nose and using any extra crust for the mouth and hair. I would eat rye bread just to make bread people. Being the daughter of the baker my art graced the front of the fridge for all to see.

Now that I’ve grown into an adult I find every part of rye bread delectable. Rye bread provides a rich hearty flavor that I adorn with different kinds of meats and cheeses. Its fun to experiment with different img_1366meats img_1370from the deli and see which are my families favorites. One of our favorites is pairing sliced roast beef, swiss cheese,mustard, and sauerkraut with any one of these wonderful rye breads. My personal favorite is the swirl rye not only for the flavor but the beautiful whirl of white and brown.


And would you believe that rye bread provides just as many health benefits as wheat bread and helps support weight loss!

Weight Loss Efforts: Rye is often considered a superior grain to wheat or barley in terms of weight loss efforts. The type of fiber in rye is somewhat unique, in that it is extremely binding with water molecules, meaning that it makes you feel full very quickly.

WHAT?! I don’t know of a better feeling then indulging in deliciousness while aiding in weight loss. I believe that is the ultimate dream. Bring on the ryes.

Rye bread isn’t flowing off grocery shelves the way that wheat bread does and it is time to try something new and give rye bread the attention it deserves. Send your taste buds a new adventure. The Bread Garden supplies a line of ryes under the Brenner Brothers label with a variety of flavors, Black Russian Rye, Caraway Rye, Swirl Rye, and Zissel Rye. You can find these at your local Metropolitan Market, PCC, Town and Country, and QFC. You may even order them online. Support local businesses and let us know what you think!



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