Pita Bread

Pita Bread


Pita bread originated in the Middle East around 2500 BC. Pita is a modern Hebrew word meaning “a morsel of bread”. When my dad first bought Jasmine Bakery, about 30 years ago, it was just a pita bakery. Now Jasmine Bakery is home to many more types of breads and a few brands such as, The Bread Garden, The Brenner Brothers, and Jasmine Bakery. But the pita has remained the same.

I can remember bringing pita sandwiches to school and kids asking me what I was eating. This always confused me because they would look at the pita so confused as to what it could be. They were fascinated that the contents of my sandwich were stuffed into a pocket. This was very smart of my mother to give her little kids pocket bread sandwiches because of our small hands we didn’t have to worry about anything falling out.

Pita bread is unique to the bread world because there is a pocket enclosed.   To create the pocket, pita bread is baked at high temperatures. This causes the flattened rounds of dough to puff up dramatically. When removed from the oven, the layers of baked dough remain separated inside of the deflated pita. This allows the bread when opened to form a pocket.  However, pita is sometimes baked without pockets and we call this “greek pita”.

Just a little tip to keep pita tasting fresh from the oven, keep it in your freezer and remove when you’re ready! Look for any of our pita pictured below at your local QFC, Fred Meyers, Whole Foods, and Safeway. You’ll find our Jasmine Bakery pita at Safeway.






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